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It's Your Day - Your Way

If you have a question that is not covered here please give us a call 

Frequently asked questions

Do you do children's parties

We are sorry but we only do adult events


How much do you charge

No two performances are the same. Each event is quoted on the information you have supplied. This is why it is important  to give as much detail as possible when filling in the quote form. There are no hidden extras. The price we quote is the price you pay. If you are looking for the cheapest prices available we might not be the company for you. But you may be very surprised at how affordable quality is. Our fees start at £325 for 5 hours 7.00pm

until Midnight. Let us know your requirements.

Why should I book you for my wedding

Our DJs have many years of experience of weddings, parties, family events and corporate events, large and small. They are professional and with a friendly attitude and very approachable. DJing is their main source of income and are focused on your requirements and always remembering it is your day. We have never let anyone down.

What does the fee include

Your very smart DJ for the evening. All of the sound and lighting equipment required and of course our many thousands of music tracks. There is always a microphone available should one be needed. We are fully self-contained. There is nothing more required.


How soon do I need to book you

As soon as possible after you have received your quote from us. As a professional discos company many of our  confirmed bookings are sometimes over a year in advance. It is advisable to book well ahead to secure the date.


The venue I am hiring require PAT and PLI Insurance cover certificates from you. 

This is not a problem. These are very essential certificates for any DJ company to have. These will be required by the venue where you are holding your event. Do realise many ''cheaper disco Sid'' operators will not carry these very important documents. Without these any disco operator will not be able to perform. Many venues ask for these certificates a few weeks prior to your event. Some venues ask to see them on the night. Remember it will be too late if your booked DJ is asked on the night for he's certificates and he doesn't have them. The disco will not be able to perform. This could ruin everything. So please be aware.  


Do I need to pay a deposit

Yes there is an advance booking payment of £100 to pay. This will be by direct bank transfer. The balance of the fee must be received by us no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Unfortunately we do not accept any payments on the night. 


Can I come to see you perform

We regret this is not possible as all of our engagements are private functions. In keeping with most professional disco companies it would not be professional of us to invite people into any private event. You wouldn't like strangers coming into your private event to ''listen to the DJ''.


Do you need to meet us to discuss anything

No there is no need to meet up with us. We always try to keep costs at a  reasonable level. We are very confident that any questions can be answered over the telephone, email or video call. Being very professional in what we do and with our vast experience we find this isn't always necessary. We can sometimes meet up depending on the location and times to discuss any details. 


Do I receive a signed agreement from you

Yes most definitely. This contains all of the information regarding your event. This gives you peace of mind knowing that we are going to be where we should be on your very special occasion.


Can I email a song request list to you

Yes of course you can. We always encourage our client to send us a song list. Maybe up to 30 track titles is fine. This gives us a good indication  of what kind of party you would like. These tracks we will endeavour to mix in throughout the night. It is always good to get some ideas from some of your guests as well. Of course we also take requests on the night and we would also like to know if there are any tracks you don't want to hear.

Do you play alongside a band if required

yes we are always happy to work alongside bands. This is not a problem. Although they must use all of their own equipment.


How long does it take to set up the equipment

Taking into account unloading and easy access to the room on ground level. Approximately 75 minutes. With a multitude of hardware wires and plugs and final testing this cannot be rushed. We always arrive early if possible to ease the stress and strain.


Can you set up the equipment earlier in the day 

If you need us to set up before your guest arrive this is not a problem. For this service there will be a small extra charge.


How much space do you require

The ideal floor area left to right is 3 Meters Front to back is 2 meters. With a head height of 3 meters. Sometimes if space is limited we can reduce down and fit in if need be. 2 power sockets of 13 amp need to be within 3 meters of the performance area.  Always ask.

Special requirements for Marquees

Marquees must be safe and waterproof and have an adequate and safe power supply to the marquee. The position of the performance area must be insulated from the ground. Please note that Gazebos are not suitable. Details need to be discussed at time of booking.  

How long do you perform for

The timings of start and finish are agreed at the time of booking. This is typically 4 to 5 hours. We must always finish at the agreed time. This is stipulated by the venues licensing terms. 


What is your dress code

We always dress very smart. Either smart casual or formal evening wear if required.


No other persons may use any of the equipment supplied without the permission of Event Discos


Will you require a meal

While we never expect a meal. It is nice and very welcome to be offered some refreshment during the evening. This is consumed very discretely if possible out of sight of your guests.